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So, I went to Iceland in November 2015 to make some art with my friends in Æla. One of the concerts was at the Kex Hostel and it was recorded (and live streamed) by KEXP. Now they have shared the full performance on YouTube.
I’m the person wearing the horsehead among other items of clothing. Not on stage the whole time, and I get naked in the end so mostly SFW.

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6RQtDBtqXs)

Photos from my trip to Iceland where we brought Knaldemand to Iceland so he could perform on stage with the post-punk band Æla at Iceland Airwaves 2015. We did two shows together, one on Wednesday at Gamla Bíó, and then another at KEX hostel where the Seattle based radio station KEXP recorded and streamed the concert live. Both concerts where an amazing experience and who knew that dancing and jumping naked on stage with a horse mask could be so much fun.

Apparently nudity in art is not allowed on Facebook, or at least nudity in photographs is not allowed. We had thought about putting the next Knaldemand video directly on Facebook instead of just linking to it on YouTube but now I don’t think we can because there will be some penis in it, and we’re not going to change our video just to comply with the sily Facebook Community Standards.

Another year, another Knaldemand video. In this one Knaldemand crashes a christmas party at the Jutland HQ of a huge corporation in Denmark.

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