My friend @gislidua is babysitting a parrot. It really likes my glasses.

The gravity at this place is nuts (at Der Kuhstall - Århus)



English cows

English “cows”

Me eating ice-cream

“Me” eating ice-cream

Knaldemand fighting his conscience

“Knaldemand” fighting his “conscience”

Ran some photos through Google’s Deep Dream. I used “inception_4c/output” on the first one from the Northside festival and “inception_4b/pool” on the rest.

El Pollo Loco & El Sucio Marrano with Pimento Gingembre #tacotuesday (at Chido Mexican Grill)

Was an extra for an ad today. We have basically done nothing put acted out a mosh pit with some hip-hop on the speakers. And it’s always the same song. Which makes sense I guess because we need to dance to it and the moves need to match all the time.

“What we’re dealing with here is a total lack of respect for the law.” (at Kødbyen)

Got a new work laptop. My MacBook is unhappy, well, if it had emotions that is. It’s a good machine though, plenty of all the things that matter for doing work in Visual Studio. (at Valtech Danmark)

Is this blogging?

Going to Copenhagen tomorrow on the 06:27 train for 1 meeting. It’s an important meeting though, and afterwards is the last town hall before summer vacation starts in earnest at Valtech Denmark. That usually means BBQ and beer. So it’s not so bad. I also get to pick up my new laptop, a Thinkpad W541. It will be weird not using a Mac for work though. Afterwards I’m meeting up with some friends for some drinks. I’m actually staying in Copenhagen until Sunday so I guess we’ll be having more than a couple drinks.

Making a late dinner (at Castle View Caravan Park)

The moon over Castle View in East Sussex (at Castle View Caravan Park)

A seagull sitting atop the Aarhus Police Station.

Before: Fat pig. After: Pig. An advert for some gym.

Having a dinner burrito and some guava guyaba drink. (at Chido Mexican Grill)

Trousers, probably have to bring trousers, or would shorts do?

Having a coffee break on the balcony while thinking about what else I need to bring to England on Friday for the weekend road trip.