Bourbon chased with pickle juice. Pretty nice. (at Memphis Roadhouse)

Oh, Scandinavian keyboards, you mess with my brain.

My current office. Not bad for an R&D building. (at Vestas, Technology R&D)

Ways to think about cars

Ways to think about cars

White wine chilled with ice on a hot summers day is so so good.

One of the cats at my Uncle’s farm sunbathing.

We went to hide away from the rain and randomly walked passed Taphouse. They got 61 beer on tap. Going for Danish saison.

Hey Tumblr iOS app, I rotated that image before uploading it here, don’t go and rotate it back.

Borrowed a helmet until I buy my own for the rest of the month. Too bad it makes me look like a fucking tool.

This map of Iceland from 1862 is fascinating to me for a few reasons. Mainly that the names of large geographical features aren’t the same as they are today, e.g., what on the map is called Faxafjörðr (the large bay in the west where Reykjavík is located) is today called Faxaflói (flói being Icelandic for bay) and that there are two possible names for Vatnajökull (that huge glacier to the east) with the other one being Klofa jökull, a name I have never heard of but after a bit of research is an old name for the glacier. Very interesting. Pretty good map too, and the road taken is pretty much like the road people travel today.

Another difference from today is the spelling of many words. For example, the word fjörðr has a u in it today before the r so it is written fjörður. Same with the words ending in -vogr, today they are written as -vogur.

Something to note is that I’ve been writing the word fjörðr with the letter ð while the printer used d, that is a limit of the letters the printer in England had access to, Ðð being a letter only used in Icelandic and Faroese and therefore not available to the printer.

(via Image taken from page 20 of ‘The North-West Peninsula of Iceland: being the journal of a tour in Iceland in the Spring and Summer of 1862. [With map and coloured illustrations.]’ | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)

Good morning. (at The balcony with Jesus the olive tree)

Having Cabernet Sauvignon rosé while we wait for the thunder and lightning, oh and the rain. All of the rain.

You mess with those mailboxes you mess with me son!

The room wasn’t ready. So now I’m charging my phone and drinking some bad coffee. I should just go ahead and have a beer. (at Hotel Axel, Guldsmeden)

Day 2 in grill. Not letting the rain stop us. (at Östrig)