Just had a tatar covered in roe served in a piece of bone. Pretty neat. (at Slinger bistro)

A quick selfie before I head out and bike to my friends Mexican grill and stuff my face with a burrito.

Photos from my trip to Iceland where we brought Knaldemand to Iceland so he could perform on stage with the post-punk band Æla at Iceland Airwaves 2015. We did two shows together, one on Wednesday at Gamla Bíó, and then another at KEX hostel where the Seattle based radio station KEXP recorded and streamed the concert live. Both concerts where an amazing experience and who knew that dancing and jumping naked on stage with a horse mask could be so much fun.

Knaldemand with Æla @ Gamla Bíó
Pic: Rúnar Sigurður Sigurjónsson

The music itself is built on angular, build-release dynamics and the howling, shrieking voice of frontman Halli Valli, who starts dressed in a suit and tie and ends doing laps of the room on someone’s shoulders in head-to-toe glitter and a Snow White dress. The projected visuals are of male and female mouths alternately fellating and devouring bananas, and screaming bearded faces covered in smashed fruit. A person dressed as a horse sometimes wanders around the stage aimlessly, and ends the set butt-naked, bouncing up and down, with his dangling cock spinning in circles. It’s like David Lynch directing Shellac vs. Kurt Cobain’s drag phase, through a filter of Flaming Lips weirdness. And who the fuck wouldn’t wanna see that? Æla are at their wild, unhinged best here, and it’s a joy to behold.

Airwaves Day One: Terror In The Chest, Taking It In The Ass & Unexpected Horse Dick - The Reykjavik Grapevine

Riding in the moonlight 🌝 (at Brabrand Engsø)

#knudskiosk #illukigger #aarhusfremad (at Riisvangen Stadion)

Got a visit from some locals. (at The Houseboat)

Little Saturday reading at the local bike shop.

Moar selfies. Hat not so much. Pink sunglasses, sure. I do wear glasses regularly so I’m thinking about just getting some clip on sunglasses.

Took a selfie earlier today through Instagram and it looks like I’m photoshopped in front of the Vestas office, so my friend photoshopped me into the alps or Norway, geography right, anyway, I like both photos and I like this new feature in Instagram to photoshop me into the actual background behind me.

Few of my coworkers brewed a stout for our birthday party. Not bad. (at Valtech Danmark)

Starting the trip to Copenhagen for Valtech Denmark’s 3rd trimester kickoff and summer party.

Saw this car last Tuesday and it was pretty rad.

The sound the engine made was like it was from the nether regions of hell, so rough and loud.

I want a car like this.

The number plate is cool as well, and old, today they are white with black letters.