Almost ready for our week vacation to Sofia, Bulgaria. We just need to pack our backpacks and get the cat to the cat sitter and we are ready for the night train to CPH. 🛫🇧🇬

Been watching Wormwood by Errol Morris. It’s really good. The story is great and is just so beautifully shot.

Now that can’t be good?! I then woke the laptop up and everything is working. So hopefully just a software issue.

First workout of 2018 done. We ended with 21 kettlebell swings, then 15, 9, 6, and 3 with 15m walking lunges before, between, and after the KB swings. My legs were jelly afterwards and then I had to bike uphill home. Feeling very good now though.

Done with my first CrossFit practice. I really the entrance to the place. Sets the mood.

We had a small Christmas gathering at work. That means æbleskiver and gløgg.