We have a nice looking parrot at our Halloween party. (at Trillegården 8210)

Playing “negel” or however it’s written. Probably should find out.

Basic night out in Aarhus. Buying hammers at the bar to play some games.

The tree in our garden decided to go all autumn on us right away.

The “thing” being mentioned is Ello. I really do wonder if this thing will actually catch on.

Reposting the original from Instagram to here. That bathroom at the wine tasting was crazy.

Chilling and listening to The Mountain Goats. #vscocam (at The sofa)

it’s quite telling that this group of coders and designers decided it wouldn’t be fucking embarrassing to go forward with this product with so so so little diversity on their team. That wasn’t a deal-breaker for them

Because I sometimes run around with a horse head on the Internet, I get the weirdest shit sent my way.

“Personalization” gets stretched to the point where it leaves out the will of the actual person involved. How convenient! So glad that designers and engineers are making it easier for me to want things without having to make the effort of actually thinking to want them. Desire is hard.

Aðaldalur, the valley we slept in tonight and also the valley I lived my first year.

Our ride for the next couple of days. Eastward bound, close to those volcanos.