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Quick update

Since May I finished that book, (it’s interesting but far too long and almost devoid of perspective on the work/life balance from women, should have just been a blog post really,) travelled to Bulgaria and Iceland for summer holidays, been on a 2 week work trip to Geneva (they got good cheese there), and generally just had a nice time.
I have also: done a bicycle race, signed up for a winter bathing club, started running again, bought a new Apple Watch Series 3, been to a whisky tasting, and scoring & messing up a lot of goals at football practice.

Started reading the book Deep Work by Cal Newport. Just finished the sample but I’ll be buying it when I get home from the park. In the meantime I’ll be enjoying the first day of a long weekend.

02/11/2017, 15:38

DR1 celebrating the start of Eurovision by singing Waterloo real badly. #12stig (at Studenterhus Aarhus)

Outside concert at Godsbanen in downtown Aarhus.

Seems the good weather is here to stay.

Spent my working hours dealing with automating the process of pulling down translations for an iOS app from a google sheet and getting it working on our CI.

Happy May Day everyone ✊️❤️🏳️‍🌈🚩

We found Baba Yaga’s house at the edge of the forest.

Baba Yaga's house

The plan is to bike to Norsminde today. Hopefully the weather stays good. It’s cloudy currently but no rain and little wind.

Payday and I’m in the mood to spend money on clothes.