Category: Snippets

Arrived at Billund for our flight to Stockholm. Gonna be a nice weekend to visit that city again.


Got my first pair of cycling shoes today on what feels like the real first day of spring here. Looking forward to learn how to not fall like an idiot while stopping on a red light.

Pair of Shimano cycling shoes lying in a balcony table. Cleats being affixed to them with a screwdriver. Glass of beer to the side. Stong sun on a spring day.

Signed up for again and set up some Indieweb plugins in my WordPress site. Now to see if this post will go from Icro to my site to Mb.

Loving the new Apple Watch Series 4, and the new iPhone XS (Tennis), and XR (Tenner) look great. Really looking foreward to WatchOS 5 and iOS 12. AirPower gone though, which is strange and makes me sad.

Went kayaking in Haven Lake today. It was super nice and chill.

‪Kisi has the right idea in this heat. ♥️‬

Flying to Seattle next Sunday and my “international flight plus US border controls” stress levels are slowly but surely rising.

Gone castle seeing at Egeskov, Fyn

At Mariendal beach, little bit south of Aarhus. You can see Molsbjerge across from here. The weather is amazing.

Cleaning my Stan Smith’s with some hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Literally no idea what I’m doing so let’s hope this works out fine.