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Developer & (wannabe) cyclist.

Having som fun while the troubadour plays his tunes.

Graffiti reuse.

This seal really does not want to go in the water.

Be the beatmix you want to be! (at Ceres Parken)

Summer.chill.out (at Ceres Parken)

She argues that humans need face-to-face contact, as they need air and water. We have evolved for it, to the extent that those surrounded by a tight-knit group of friends who regularly gather to eat—and, crucially, gossip—live an average of 15 years longer than loners. Quality face-to-face contact is essential for a social species, Pinker writes, citing research that shows it fortifies immune systems, calibrates hormones and increases chances of surviving heart attacks, strokes, AIDS and cancer.


London 2014 (by Karl Gunnarsson)

It rains in Aarhus.