2020-06-28: Testing out the new work stand I got as a birthday gift from my girlfriend yesterday by giving my …

2020-06-19: About to watch the Danish championship in Scratch and Points racing at the Aarhus Velodrome …

2020-05-26: Towards Ravnholt forest.

2020-05-14: Loving the new Hot Chip remix of Daði Freyr’s Think About Things. Listen on Apple Music and Spotify.

2020-05-08: Everything has turned green the past few weeks and it is so nice.

2020-05-08: Waiting in line for coffee. “You are number 3 in line …and delicious.”

2020-04-26: 145 km yesterday. 106 km so far today with 70 km to go. Then 65 km tomorrow. Good trip, good trip.

2020-04-21: The company office opened up again on Monday and I’ve been biking to work. Biked past Moesgaard …

2020-04-20: Planning to bike around Jutland this weekend plus Monday and I really do hope my new rain jacket …

2020-04-16: 20 year old me in September 2005. The picture was taken in the morning so either waiting for the …

2020-04-13: Went out for a ride today and passed the 100 km barrier for the first time. So much headwind on the …

2020-04-10: We washed the car and my bikes today. The weather was perfect for it 👌

2020-04-04: Fixed all the posts using the [gallery] shortcode on my WP site last nigth, set up a site here and …

2020-04-02: Moving to Micro.blog Gonna move this blog over to Micro.blog from Wordpress. Just went through the archives and deleted a …

2019-12-28: Saw some cats in Sofia.

2019-12-20: Christmas vacation 🎄 Quick stop in Hamburg for some glühwein 🥴 and then onwards to Sofia ☃️

2019-12-20: In about 7 weeks I’ll be picking up this bad boy (of a hearing aid). The marketing department came …

2019-12-17: All I Want For Christmas is America www.youtube.com/watch This is great 🎄 (Via Kottke)

2019-12-09: Just signed up for the 160km distance of the DGI Hærvejsløbet cycling race next summer.

2019-09-26: First MTB race Did my first MTB race on Sunday. The Carl Ras MTB Challenge. I did the 25km route. It was super nice …

2019-06-18: Today started out sunny and warm and is ending now with thunderstorms that, having not been on the …

2019-06-14: Took the long ride home from work today. It was super nice, had never cycled in that area before. …

2019-06-08: We took a walk today and passed upon Leftside. Leftside is this awesome part of Northside Festival …

2019-05-29: Thanks for the past 5 and half or so years, Valtech. It’s been a pleasure.

2019-05-03: Arrived at Billund for our flight to Stockholm. Gonna be a nice weekend to visit that city again.

2019-04-24: Brammersgade

2019-04-15: Easter bike trip planning Planning for our Easter bike trip across Jylland continues. We bought some saddle bags last week …

2019-04-14: I think this will end up looking pretty good. #knudskiosk #rideordie #mereild

2019-04-07: SixBeat celebrating the radio station P6 Beat that will close at the end of the year.

2019-04-04: Kisi doing his post-sleep pre-asking-for-food stretches.

2019-03-26: Kisi taking his morning nap.

2019-03-22: Aprikosfeber DDH New England IPA by Brewski. Pretty good.

2019-03-19: Got my first pair of cycling shoes today on what feels like the real first day of spring here. …

2019-03-05: Signed up for micro.blog again and set up some Indieweb plugins in my WordPress site. Now to see if …

2019-01-24: The Beast of Turin During lunch today at work the talk went from Lego to cars built from Lego to cars and then car …

2018-09-12: Loving the new Apple Watch Series 4, and the new iPhone XS (Tennis), and XR (Tenner) look great. …

2018-08-06: Went kayaking in Haven Lake today. It was super nice and chill.

2018-07-24: ‪Kisi has the right idea in this heat. ♥️‬

2018-07-22: Flying to Seattle next Sunday and my “international flight plus US border controls” stress levels …

2018-07-14: Gone castle seeing at Egeskov, Fyn

2018-07-01: At Mariendal beach, little bit south of Aarhus. You can see Molsbjerge across from here. The weather …

2018-06-29: Cleaning my Stan Smith’s with some hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Literally no idea what I’m …

2018-06-26: Watching the Iceland - Croatia game. Croatia is currently winning 0-1 and since Nigeria has scored …

2018-06-23: Went and watched Nigeria - Iceland in the World Cup yesterday. Nice game, for Nigeria that is, not …

2018-06-16: ‪The owners of the building I live in came this morning and cut down the tree‬ in our backyard. I’m …

2018-06-02: Started the day with a nice coffee and a read of Stani’s report on how to use ICMP packets to sneak …

2018-06-01: She with a Jægerspontan lambic, me with a summer K:rlek 🍻

2018-05-27: Bought an iPhone X yesterday. I am so loving this phone. The screen is amazing, Face ID works so …

2018-05-21: Spending Whitmonday morning at on of our favorite cafes in Aarhus, La Cabra. Me reading about how …

2018-05-20: I guess this means I am going to be buying my own personal phone and laptop soon. I was planning to …

2018-05-17: Reached the point in this personal web app project where I am forking and modifying 3rd party …

2018-05-03: On my way to Copenhagen to pick up my dad and brother from CPH airport. As you can see I am very …

2018-03-16: Last CrossFit training of the week done, now to head to work and collapse on the keyboard. 🏋🏻‍♂️ 💀

2018-03-09: We were moving furniture around so the old sofa is temporarily in our bedroom corner and Kisi …

2018-03-07: Oddergrisen arrives at Aarhus Station A lovely photo I found in my Instagram backup from June 2012, the old train from Odder, nicknamed …

2018-03-07: Found my old photos that I uploaded to twitter via my own image host I had on AWS back when that was …

2018-01-25: Found a place I can buy a “long coffee” for €0.15 and it tastes good. Can’t really ask for more.

2018-01-23: Going to import my Wordpress blog (which into I imported my old Tumblr) and my Twitter archive into …

2018-01-23: Last day at my girlfriend’s grandparents villa near Lakatnik. Having my last Turkish coffee, it’s …

2018-01-21: We went on a lovely 3 hour hike near the village Gara Bov. We reached 950m height and the view was …

2018-01-20: We have gotten a new travel companion 🐶 [gallery size=full columns=1]

2018-01-20: Winter trip to Bulgaria, day 1 Landed in Sofia. The train to the airport and flight to Sofia went great. The temperature is warmer …

2018-01-19: Almost ready for our week vacation to Sofia, Bulgaria. We just need to pack our backpacks and get …

2018-01-14: Movie night [gallery size=full columns=1]

2018-01-12: Good start on our company trip to our Copenhagen office. 🙃 #valtechkickoff [gallery size=full …

2018-01-09: Been watching Wormwood by Errol Morris. It’s really good. The story is great and is just so …

2018-01-07: Now that can’t be good?! I then woke the laptop up and everything is working. So hopefully …

2018-01-03: Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls [gallery size=full columns=1]

2018-01-03: First workout of 2018 done. We ended with 21 kettlebell swings, then 15, 9, 6, and 3 with 15m …

2017-12-28: Planning our January vacation to Bulgaria. Hoping for a lot of snow. [gallery size=full columns=1]

2017-12-18: Done with my first CrossFit practice. I really the entrance to the place. Sets the mood. [gallery …

2017-12-14: We had a small Christmas gathering at work. That means æbleskiver and gløgg. [gallery size=full …

2017-12-09: This handsome fella is going to be living with us from next week. Can’t wait 😻 [gallery …

2017-11-30: Frederiksplads [gallery size=full columns=1]

2017-11-25: On my way to a Christmas party. It’s pretty cold. Should have brought a hat. [gallery size=full …

2017-11-20: Så kører bussen til Aarhus. [gallery size=full columns=1]

2017-11-20: Waiting for the 9A [gallery size=full columns=1]

2017-11-19: Dead and gone to heaven. [gallery size=full columns=1]

2017-11-04: Today’s project is to nail this thing on that thing. [gallery size=full columns=1]

2017-11-03: The Moon is pretty big tonight [gallery size=full columns=1]

2017-10-20: And some of them are pure heaven lambic beers. [gallery size=full columns=1]

2017-10-13: Quick update Since May I finished that book, (it’s interesting but far too long and almost devoid of …

2017-09-16: Waiting for the final in this years Goldsprint to start.

2017-09-16: Taking a small bike trip to Ry

2017-07-22: We couldn’t finish the hike to Súlur on Thursday because the weather turned and got bad, but this …

2017-07-20: Taking a small hike up to Súlur. The weather is awesome for hiking.

2017-07-14: Checked in online, almost done with packing, just a few things to finish at work, and we are ready …

2017-05-25: Started reading the book Deep Work by Cal Newport. Just finished the sample but I’ll be buying …

2017-05-13: DR1 celebrating the start of Eurovision by singing Waterloo real badly. #12stig (at Studenterhus …

2017-05-05: Dark Social – MORNING, COMPUTER They’re talking to people. Fuck your Black Mirror narrative – they’re just more interested in a …

2017-05-04: Outside concert at Godsbanen in downtown Aarhus.

2017-05-04: Seems the good weather is here to stay.

2017-05-02: Spent my working hours dealing with automating the process of pulling down translations for an iOS …

2017-05-01: Happy May Day everyone ✊️❤️🏳️‍🌈🚩

2017-04-30: Today is a good day for ice cream.

2017-04-30: It’s really peaceful south of Aarhus.

2017-04-29: We found Baba Yaga’s house at the edge of the forest.

2017-04-29: The plan is to bike to Norsminde today. Hopefully the weather stays good. It’s cloudy …

2017-04-28: Payday and I’m in the mood to spend money on clothes.

2017-04-27: I like this trend of good tasting alcohol free beer.

2017-04-27: My first micro.blog post. If everything works this should end up on my site and twitter as well.

2017-04-26: Setting this blog up to be ready for micro.blog. Added a plugin that will auto import Instagram …

2017-04-23: 200 grams of stinging nettle that Stani is going to make into a soup.

2017-04-16: Jens Lekman singing about perfume

2017-04-15: Painting eggs for Easter. Tomorrow we will fight with them.

2017-04-11: Thor: Ragnarök look like a bucket of fun. Really looking forward to this one.

2017-04-09: Totally knackered after my trip to Copenhagen, but it was a very good trip, lots of fun.

2017-04-06: Pub quiz night. Doing good with 21.5 points out of 30.

2017-03-31: On our way to Hamburg for the weekend. Gonna be nice.

2017-03-23: Instead of buying a new windows machine that I ultimately don’t need I’m now testing if …

2017-03-21: More Life by Drake is so good. 🎶🎧

2017-03-09: Am seriously thinking about buying a Windows laptop. I’m finding Windows 10 to be a very …

2017-03-04: Hey kitty, how you like the swing and bass music?

2017-02-15: Got my BeatsX yesterday. Ran with them once already using the wingtips and they stayed in quite …

2017-02-15: Nice cold morning today.

2017-01-13: Selective rotation lock in iOS apps with Swift A guide on how to implement selective rotation lock on iOS apps Start by enabling Portrait, …

2016-08-24: The horses didn’t like the beer.

2016-08-24: Sunset over Eyjafjörður. The place I grew up in.

2016-07-13: Waiting for our train to Deva. Taking a train here in Romania will be some kind of an adventure I …

2016-07-13: Waiting for our flight to Charleroi, where we will lunch and then fly onwards to Timisoara. From …

2016-07-12: On our way to Copenhagen 🚌

2016-03-19: Done. #thewall #ismaf

2016-03-19: The building of the wall has started at my new refuge. #thewall #ismaf

2016-03-17: The sun is out and it’s relatively warm this morning.

2016-03-14: WOLP Loving this project.

2016-03-01: So, I went to Iceland in November 2015 to make some art with my friends in Æla. One of the concerts …

2016-02-08: Festelavn buns at work today. I find it odd that Danes call those things in the front and back there …

2016-02-06: Goats!

2016-01-09: From the bar last night. #ugle #ughughfughguuuuu #sygugle (at 37 Dawson Street)

2016-01-08: Guinness. #gunniídublin #valtechdkdoesdublin (at Nearys)

2016-01-04: On my way back home to Aarhus after getting a new passport. Then I just need to pick it up on …

2016-01-04: My train to Copenhagen just arriving. Going there to get a new passport for my Ireland trip on …

2015-12-31: 🎉🐴🚴 (at Knud’s Kiosk)

2015-12-30: A profile photo taken for an interview, my socks, my body on an album by the punk band Æla, me in …

2015-12-28: There was a sweet doggie on the train 🐶🚂 (at Hadsten)

2015-12-28: Back to Aarhus 🚂 (at DSB Randers Station)

2015-12-27: My (Twitter) friend @traustisig tweeted “Home Stallone #draftsunnudagur” today and I felt compelled …

2015-12-25: Final preparations for Christmas Day dinner have started here at my Uncle’s farm. (We …

2015-12-25: Christmas Day bathroom selfie.

2015-12-25: 🐴🐴

2015-12-23: Oh I love a long weekend.

2015-12-23: Já, nú mega jólin koma. (at Tjele)

2015-12-16: There was also æbleskiver and gløgg for dessert. (at Vestas)

2015-12-16: Some dinner music at Vestas today. Pretty nice. (at Vestas)

2015-12-13: Iceland’s Terrifying Christmas Tradition | The Lineup Iceland’s Terrifying Christmas Tradition | The LineupYou basically don’t want to be a bad kid …

2015-12-12: Having glühwein mit schuß in Flensburg with @teologinen (at Weihnachtsmarkt auf dem Südermarkt)

2015-12-12: A train conductor with a Santa hat is walking around handing these out. Wonder if it’s on every …

2015-12-05: Eldhúspartí.dk (at Christianshavns Beboerhus)

2015-12-04: I think I’m gonna like this place. #antifa (at Christianshavns Beboerhus)

2015-12-04: Tonight’s band. #valtechcphjulefrokost (at Christianshavns Beboerhus)

2015-12-02: Having some æbleskiver at the office. (at Valtech)

2015-11-28: Waiting in line for the opening of The new Mikkeller bar in Aarhus. (at Mikkeller Bar Aarhus)

2015-11-27: Just had a tatar covered in roe served in a piece of bone. Pretty neat. (at Slinger bistro)

2015-11-26: Good night Sun. See you tomorrow.

2015-11-22: We went and gave the birds some bread.

2015-11-22: The snow has finally arrived. 🌨❄️☃

2015-11-21: A quick selfie before I head out and bike to my friends Mexican grill and stuff my face with a …

2015-11-20: The madness never ends.

2015-11-19: Trash? (at Park Allé)

2015-11-14: Photos from my trip to Iceland where we brought Knaldemand to Iceland so he could perform on stage …

2015-11-12: Pic: Rúnar Sigurður Sigurjónsson The music itself is built on angular, build-release dynamics and …

2015-10-25: Riding in the moonlight 🌝 (at Brabrand Engsø)

2015-10-24: #knudskiosk #illukigger #aarhusfremad (at Riisvangen Stadion)

2015-10-22: Well, it had a good run.

2015-10-17: Hello (at Brammers Kaffebar)

2015-10-17: Does this mean it’s winter now?


2015-10-08: Got a visit from some locals. (at The Houseboat)

2015-09-26: Go Reds! (at The Golden Lion)

2015-09-26: Got a new colour on my bikes handlebars. Nice!

2015-09-26: Little Saturday reading at the local bike shop.

2015-09-22: Chilling after handball practice.

2015-09-19: Moar selfies. Hat not so much. Pink sunglasses, sure. I do wear glasses regularly so I’m thinking …

2015-09-18: Took a selfie earlier today through Instagram and it looks like I’m photoshopped in front of the …

2015-09-11: Few of my coworkers brewed a stout for our birthday party. Not bad. (at Valtech Danmark)

2015-09-11: Starting the trip to Copenhagen for Valtech Denmark’s 3rd trimester kickoff and summer party.

2015-09-10: Saw this car last Tuesday and it was pretty rad. The sound the engine made was like it was from the …

2015-09-05: What did you do to deserve this place statue?

2015-09-04: Bourbon chased with pickle juice. Pretty nice. (at Memphis Roadhouse)

2015-09-03: Oh, Scandinavian keyboards, you mess with my brain.

2015-08-30: Hugged a bunny today.

2015-08-27: My current office. Not bad for an R&D building. (at Vestas, Technology R&D)

2015-08-26: Chinese boyband.

2015-08-24: Ways to think about cars Ways to think about carsInteresting article.I really like the questions about how autonomous …

2015-08-22: White wine chilled with ice on a hot summers day is so so good.

2015-08-22: One of the cats at my Uncle’s farm sunbathing.

2015-08-15: We went to hide away from the rain and randomly walked passed Taphouse. They got 61 beer on tap. …

2015-08-15: Copenhagen Pride

2015-08-14: The rain in Denmark stays mainly in the plain.

2015-08-13: Hey Tumblr iOS app, I rotated that image before uploading it here, don’t go and rotate it back.

2015-08-13: Who cuts a slice of cake like this?

2015-08-12: Borrowed a helmet until I buy my own for the rest of the month. Too bad it makes me look like a …

2015-08-12: This map of Iceland from 1862 is fascinating to me for a few reasons. Mainly that the names of large …

2015-08-08: Good morning. (at The balcony with Jesus the olive tree)

2015-08-04: Having Cabernet Sauvignon rosé while we wait for the thunder and lightning, oh and the rain. All of …

2015-08-01: You mess with those mailboxes you mess with me son!

2015-07-31: The room wasn’t ready. So now I’m charging my phone and drinking some bad coffee. I should just go …

2015-07-25: Lady V & Victory (at Egebakkeskolen)

2015-07-25: Carl & Gry (at Egebakkeskolen)

2015-07-25: Maria Malmö (at Egebakkeskolen)

2015-07-25: Day 2 in grill. Not letting the rain stop us. (at Östrig)

2015-07-22: From today’s shot.

2015-07-21: My friend @gislidua is babysitting a parrot. It really likes my glasses.

2015-07-17: The gravity at this place is nuts (at Der Kuhstall - Århus)

2015-07-14: Northside Northside English cows English “cows” Me eating ice-cream “Me” …

2015-07-14: El Pollo Loco & El Sucio Marrano with Pimento Gingembre #tacotuesday (at Chido Mexican Grill)

2015-07-14: Was an extra for an ad today. We have basically done nothing put acted out a mosh pit with some …

2015-07-13: Dos enníboddí vánt ey batterí?

2015-07-11: An old Ford (at Kødbyen)

2015-07-11: I want one (at Kødbyen)

2015-07-11: “What we’re dealing with here is a total lack of respect for the law.” (at Kødbyen)

2015-07-11: Hi! (at Kødbyen)

2015-07-10: So drunk in Copenhagen

2015-07-10: Got a new work laptop. My MacBook is unhappy, well, if it had emotions that is. It’s a good machine …

2015-07-09: Is this blogging? Going to Copenhagen tomorrow on the 06:27 train for 1 meeting. It’s an important meeting …

2015-07-06: Hej Danmark

2015-07-04: Brunch (at Castle View Caravan Park)

2015-07-04: Making a late dinner (at Castle View Caravan Park)

2015-07-04: The moon over Castle View in East Sussex (at Castle View Caravan Park)

2015-07-03: Meeting the locals.

2015-07-02: A seagull sitting atop the Aarhus Police Station.

2015-07-02: DOKK1, the new library in Aarhus.

2015-07-02: Before: Fat pig. After: Pig. An advert for some gym.

2015-07-02: Having a dinner burrito and some guava guyaba drink. (at Chido Mexican Grill)

2015-07-01: Trousers, probably have to bring trousers, or would shorts do?

2015-07-01: Having a coffee break on the balcony while thinking about what else I need to bring to England on …

2015-06-29: Lovely colours in the sky tonight.

2015-06-29: I ❤️ MIAMI

2015-06-29: Árós

2015-06-27: Things are almost ready for the birthday party 🍻🎉

2015-06-27: Þrjátíu ára It’s 12:40 AM and I just turned 30. In about 13 hours I’ll hold a party for my friends, but …

2015-06-25: Getting ready for a day long meeting.

2015-06-24: Listen/purchase: Vettlingatök by Æla A friend of mine who is in the Icelandic punk band Æla (means …

2015-06-21: Relaxing on the balcony after a long week.

2015-06-13: The final level in goat simulator. (at NorthSide)

2015-06-06: Aarhus Pride is today 🌈 Not as big as the one in Reykjavík but pretty nice nonetheless.

2015-06-03: On my way to work early to try and fix a broken bundleconfig so the LESS and JS files get …

2015-06-01: The New Pornographers (at Fonden VoxHall)

2015-05-29: Knaldemand bought a bicycle today from Knud’s Kiosk. Finally he can now terrorise the citizens of …

2015-05-28: Visual Studio is slowly killing me.

2015-05-23: Bought a tree for the balcony. An olive tree.🌿

2015-05-15: Les Big Byrd at Voxhall

2015-05-15: Went to @gislidua this week and had some new photos of me taken. I’m very happy with them.

2015-05-15: Frictionless product design — Remains of the Day Frictionless product design — Remains of the Day This is a critical distinction that not many …

2015-05-14: Still playing with that process to remake the Gotham filter. Also, the clouds just look nice today.

2015-05-11: Stockholm 2015 #ripgotham

2015-05-08: Feeding the birds (at Valtech A/S)

2015-05-06: Now you can get water in a carton instead of a plastic bottle. I would get rid of that plastic cap …

2015-05-06: The man with the IRL fetish rubs himself up against the exposed brick wall of a loft in order to …

2015-05-05: Lookit, another one.

2015-05-04: Ride or die

2015-05-03: Someone decided to take their lovely Chevrolet pickup for a Sunday ride.

2015-05-02: Festival tool kit

2015-05-02: Now to see if the rear tire just needs air or if there is a hole in it. Then it’s good to go.

2015-04-28: This was downstairs next to the bathrooms at a bar in Copenhagen.

2015-04-26: Listening to some folk music (at Tir Na Nog Aarhus)

2015-04-26: A quick selfie with my dad before he goes back home.

2015-04-25: On my way to some festivities. First time with the tie I bought at the Swedish Army museum.

2015-04-24: Preach!

2015-04-21: Oh hai moon 🌛

2015-04-21: The view from the balcony.

2015-04-18: I have to apply for my summer vacation pretty soon. Ugh. No idea what to do, and which weeks to take …

2015-04-16: we might want to start thinking about the ways our concept of value will be disrupted. Will it be a …

2015-04-13: I think this projects now needs a name.

2015-04-13: Found another one in Copenhagen last Friday night.

2015-04-12: Blasen’s last night with its current owners. (at Cafe Blasen)

2015-04-07: The aftermath of the silliest Danish tradition I know of. So, on your 25th birthday you get doused …

2015-04-06: You’ll be ok.

2015-04-06: Last lunch in Stockholm. (at Flippin’ Burgers)

2015-04-06: Wildest subway station I’ve been too. (at Kungsträdgårdens T-banestation)

2015-04-05: I might make a book out of this. “Land Rovers in unnatural habitat.”

2015-04-05: Best burgers in Sweden and maybe Scandinavia. (at Flippin’ Burgers)

2015-03-20: This French Bulldog was just standing there all alone at my street and looking straight at me, and …

2015-03-18: This machine eats concrete.

2015-03-14: Ride or die. 🚴🏻🔫

2015-03-14: Hi, nice to meet you. How are you?

2015-03-14: In velo veritas (at Knud’s Kiosk)

2015-03-07: Oh @knaldemand, what has become of you?

2015-03-03: Seen on a bathroom window at a bodega in Copenhagen.

2015-03-03: Good morning Copenhagen (at Københavns Hovedbanegård)

2015-02-16: Bay of Aarhus

2015-02-10: The No Go Girls (at Escobar Århus)

2015-02-10: Cheap beer and a live rock concert. Nice. (at Escobar Århus)

2015-02-09: Autobot hiding poorly.

2015-01-31: Preparing drink cards and food labels for tonight’s feast of Þorri.

2015-01-26: In case you forgot your towel

2015-01-21: My Timex Weekender just arrived. I’m happy with it.

2015-01-21: It’s a little bit chilly today.

2015-01-18: Baba Ganoush + DOUSED (at Radar)

2015-01-17: The Gang OK (at Radar)

2015-01-17: The Gang OK (at Radar)

2015-01-17: Saar Ideál (at Radar)

2015-01-11: Some of the metro trains in Paris use tires instead of metal wheels.

2015-01-11: “Stop! Here lies the Empire of Death” (at Catacombs of Paris)

2015-01-10: Done with the fish. So good. (at Le Campanella)

2015-01-10: Drinking some wine 🍷 (at Legrand Filles Et Fils)

2015-01-10: Checking out some wines 🍷 (at Legrand Filles Et Fils)

2015-01-09: Just ate some gold. I think.

2015-01-09: Oh hai (at Tour Eiffel)

2015-01-09: Paris, you are looking gorgeous. (at Aéroport International de Paris-Roissy Charles De Gaulle …

2015-01-07: A puffin, beer with Mother-of-Thyme, and a smoked meat and Italian salad sandwich. Now we wait to …

2015-01-07: The viewfrom the bus towards KEF airport. It’s windy and raining.

2015-01-04: Missed my flight to Denmark because I’m an idiot so now I’m at some sports bar in the suburbs of …

2015-01-03: Tower. (at Hallgrímskirkja)

2015-01-02: Greenhouses in south Iceland.

2015-01-02: Mountains and valleys. (at Öxnadalur)

2015-01-02: At my parents stable to pick up some horses.

2015-01-02: On our way to Reykjavik so I can get my plane on Sunday. Bringing some horses along. We got 6 inches …

2014-12-30: So cool those Americans.

2014-12-29: Some settlers or something. (at Eyjafjörður)

2014-12-29: The Christmas Cat. (at Ráðhústorg)

2014-12-29: Lovely weather today. (at Akureri - Iceland)

2014-12-25: Happy dogs on Christmas Day. (at Ma & Pa)

2014-12-25: Braaaaiiins.

2014-12-24: Merry Christmas 🎅🎁🎄 (at Ma & Pa)

2014-12-23: Haven’t had Cocoa Puffs for over a year. Delicious.

2014-12-20: Alcoholiday by Teenage Fanclub is my new jam. (at Copenhagen Airport (CPH))

2014-11-28: This is hanging on the fridge at the CPH office. We are having a Christmas party tonight.

2014-11-28: Good morning Copenhagen.

2014-11-19: The creepy julenisse are back. (at Bruun’s Galleri)

2014-11-18: Crowd surfing Belfast.

2014-11-18: Yeah!

2014-11-18: FM Belfast dressed like I don’t know what.

2014-11-18: FM Belfast doing their thing. (at Atlas Århus)

2014-11-18: Berndsen just started playing. Yeah. (at Atlas Århus)

2014-11-17: Tatar (at nose2tail madbodega)

2014-11-09: LOVE. (at Trillegården 8210)

2014-11-08: We have a nice looking parrot at our Halloween party. (at Trillegården 8210)

2014-11-01: Bingo!

2014-11-01: Playing “negel” or however it’s written. Probably should find out.

2014-11-01: Basic night out in Aarhus. Buying hammers at the bar to play some games.

2014-10-29: About to pour some smelly stuff on the floor.



2014-10-02: Throughout the country, the yuppy horde leaves ghost towns full of abandoned coffee shops, organic …

2014-10-02: The tree in our garden decided to go all autumn on us right away.

2014-09-30: The “thing” being mentioned is Ello. I really do wonder if this thing will actually catch on.

2014-09-30: Lift me up, lift me up.

2014-09-30: Yes, well done Mr. Strongman.

2014-09-29: Reposting the original from Instagram to here. That bathroom at the wine tasting was crazy.

2014-09-28: Chilling and listening to The Mountain Goats. #vscocam (at The sofa)

2014-09-26: it’s quite telling that this group of coders and designers decided it wouldn’t be fucking …


2014-09-23: Decisions, decisions… (at Valtech)

2014-09-17: Because I sometimes run around with a horse head on the Internet, I get the weirdest shit sent my …

2014-09-15: “Personalization” gets stretched to the point where it leaves out the will of the actual person …

2014-09-15: stuffparty: Oh, how I laughed.

2014-08-29: Aðaldalur, the valley we slept in tonight and also the valley I lived my first year.

2014-08-29: Silly sign. There is no eruption.

2014-08-29: Shooting.

2014-08-28: Our ride for the next couple of days. Eastward bound, close to those volcanos.

2014-08-27: Ready for the long weekend getaway to Iceland.

2014-08-24: Having som fun while the troubadour plays his tunes.

2014-08-21: Graffiti reuse.

2014-08-16: Be the beatmix you want to be! (at Ceres Parken)

2014-08-16: Summer.chill.out (at Ceres Parken)

2014-08-12: She argues that humans need face-to-face contact, as they need air and water. We have evolved for …

2014-08-01: What even is this? Why is this a thing? And it’s Danish even. This needs to just go away.

2014-08-01: Hello sheep. I just ate your cousin. He was delicious.

2014-08-01: our notion of privacy, when conceptualized in relationship to “public,” does a disservice to both …

2014-07-28: Animals I’ve met this vacation. I’ve actually met more, I just don’t have a photo of them.

2014-07-27: What the Colonel was doing before going into the chicken business.

2014-07-26: Thinking about moving. To either Paris or Munich. Both are around the same latitude. I speak neither French not German so …

2014-07-26: Riding.