Month: June 2018

Cleaning my Stan Smith’s with some hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Literally no idea what I’m doing so let’s hope this works out fine.

Watching the Iceland – Croatia game. Croatia is currently winning 0-1 and since Nigeria has scored as well against Argentina so their game is 1-1 then Iceland needs to score 3 goals in 27 minutes to qualify. Tough game. ⚽️

Went and watched Nigeria – Iceland in the World Cup yesterday. Nice game, for Nigeria that is, not so for Iceland, which we lost 2-0. They were just a lot better and faster. Now the only way up from the group stage is if Iceland wins Croatia and Argentina wins Nigeria. ⚽️

‪The owners of the building I live in came this morning and cut down the tree‬ in our backyard. I’m very unhappy about this. I liked this tree.

Started the day with a nice coffee and a read of Stani’s report on how to use ICMP packets to sneak data out of secure networks and access blocked websites.

She with a Jægerspontan lambic, me with a summer K:rlek 🍻