Month: January 2018

Found a place I can buy a “long coffee” for €0.15 and it tastes good. Can’t really ask for more.

Going to import my WordPress blog (which into I imported my old Tumblr) and my Twitter archive into a hosted microblog with cross posting. Feel that would be simpler then what I have now. Just need to get back to my computer when this vacation is over to do it.

Last day at my girlfriend’s grandparents villa near Lakatnik. Having my last Turkish coffee, it’s very strong but not sour at all. Later today we take the train to Sofia. Adding some photos from around the villa. It’s so quiet here.

We went on a lovely 3 hour hike near the village Gara Bov. We reached 950m height and the view was lovely despite the fog. Now having coffee at some roadside shop and waiting for our ride back to the villa.

Winter trip to Bulgaria, day 1

Landed in Sofia. The train to the airport and flight to Sofia went great. The temperature is warmer then expected. Stani’s mom picked us up at the airport. On the way into the city we noticed that there was police everywhere, and after some googling we learned that Angela Merkel is visiting the city today. Something to do with Bulgaria being the president of the council of the EU for the next 6 months. Next step is having some coffee and then drive into the mountains where we will stay for some days at Stani’s grandparents. We are hoping for a lot of snow.

We have gotten a new travel companion 🐶

Almost ready for our week vacation to Sofia, Bulgaria. We just need to pack our backpacks and get the cat to the cat sitter and we are ready for the night train to CPH. 🛫🇧🇬

Movie night
Good start on our company trip to our Copenhagen office. 🙃 #valtechkickoff

Been watching Wormwood by Errol Morris. It’s really good. The story is great and is just so beautifully shot.