Month: December 2015

🎉🐴🚴 (at Knud’s Kiosk)

New Year Happy 2016! The Cupid

We all got wood and nails
And we sleep inside of this machine

Brand New

A profile photo taken for an interview, my socks, my body on an album by the punk band Æla, me in Majorca in 2004, my watch I no longer wear, Hallgrímskirkja church in Reykjavík, rain at Northside, and two photos from Paris. #2015bestnine

There was a sweet doggie on the train 🐶🚂 (at Hadsten)

Back to Aarhus 🚂 (at DSB Randers Station)

My (Twitter) friend @traustisig tweeted “Home Stallone #draftsunnudagur” today and I felt compelled to make this.

Final preparations for Christmas Day dinner have started here at my Uncle’s farm. (We Icelanders do our main celebration on Christmas Eve (along side rest of Northern Europe I think)). Tradition calls for smoked leg of a lamb (hangikjöt) served cold with potatoes in Béchamel sauce, so of course that is what we I’ll be having. Meal fit for a King. Looking forward to it.

Christmas Day bathroom selfie.