Month: September 2015

Go Reds! (at The Golden Lion)

Got a new colour on my bikes handlebars. Nice!

Little Saturday reading at the local bike shop.

Chilling after handball practice.


Carmen Segovia


Asymmetric cabin in North Iceland.

Contributed by Sang Zhang.

Neat cabin, pretty close to where I grew up as well, which is pretty much above the green door on the other side of the fjord.


Jetez l’eponge

Moar selfies. Hat not so much. Pink sunglasses, sure. I do wear glasses regularly so I’m thinking about just getting some clip on sunglasses.

Took a selfie earlier today through Instagram and it looks like I’m photoshopped in front of the Vestas office, so my friend photoshopped me into the alps or Norway, geography right, anyway, I like both photos and I like this new feature in Instagram to photoshop me into the actual background behind me.

Reject the male gaze by being an ugly old crone with long greasy hair and a hooked nose. Try dressing yourself exclusively in filthy rags, or, if those aren’t available, maybe just wrap a huge bed sheet toga-style around your body. What’s most important is that you’re comfortable and can move your arms easily to cast wicked spells. Dress for you and your needs, not for anyone else.

Get yourself a set of iron teeth because why the fuck not, those are super metal. Like, literally metal.
Remind yourself that you don’t exist to please men – you exist to be a terrifying witch who does whatever she wants.