cabinporn: Asymmetric cabin in North Iceland. Contributed by Sang Zhang. Neat cabin, pretty close to where I grew up as well, which is pretty much above the green door on the other side of the fjord.

Took a selfie earlier today through Instagram and it looks like I’m photoshopped in front of the Vestas office, so my friend photoshopped me into the alps or Norway, geography right, anyway, I like both photos and I like this new feature in Instagram to photoshop me into the actual background behind me.

Reject the male gaze by being an ugly old crone with long greasy hair and a hooked nose. Try dressing yourself exclusively in filthy rags, or, if those aren’t available, maybe just wrap a huge bed sheet toga-style around your body. What’s most important is that you’re comfortable and can move your arms easily to […]