lnthefade: vodkaandvibrators: huntforthetruth: 3dbabe1999: blu-iv: Who did this unmute it… do it.. just do it… Bless this post Oh. My. God.Peed my pants.  Kinda needed this right now(Source: http://lnthefade.tumblr.com/)
[gallery] On my way to work early to try and fix a broken bundleconfig so the LESS and JS files get automatically compiled and minified. Oh joy 🎉

i want to study new media and digital culture and i was wondering what types of PhD programs you would recommend applying to? what are the best departments? thank you!

nathanjurgenson: this is a question I think lots of us studying social media from any kind of academic background get asked *all the time*. the framing and answer to the question, i think, gets a little caught up in the digital dualist way “internet studies” gets carved up. my reply to this kind of question is:…