Month: May 2015


Be cool

Les Big Byrd at Voxhall

Went to @gislidua this week and had some new photos of me taken. I’m very happy with them.

Frictionless product design — Remains of the Day

Still playing with that process to remake the Gotham filter. Also, the clouds just look nice today.

Stockholm 2015 #ripgotham



Game of Thrones characters reimagined as Disney characters

Literally too good.

Feeding the birds (at Valtech A/S)

Now you can get water in a carton instead of a plastic bottle. I would get rid of that plastic cap though. (at Føtex Food, M.P. BruunsGade 55, 8000)

The man with the IRL fetish rubs himself up against the exposed brick wall of a loft in order to feel something. At 5 PM he makes a show of “logging off,” heads out into into the world where he aims to cop a feel of the authentic. At the coffee shop, he looks over the spine of a print edition, cruising for communal table frotteurism. But there’s no sex in the cold brew room, just a pay-per-view affair with a barista who asks his name only to label his cup. He empties his wallet, chasing a form of intimacy only incidentally concerned with people or communication, rock hard for the trappings of the scene instead: the cozy light of an Edison bulb, a gonzo view of flatware arranged neatly on a farm table, the money shot of a poached egg blowing its load into a tanned mound of potatoes. At night, he strokes himself to a Kinfolk centerfold while his girlfriend whispers in his ear, “N E V E R T W E E T.”