Month: May 2015

Knaldemand bought a bicycle today from Knud’s Kiosk. Finally he can now terrorise the citizens of Aarhus by bike.


pros of having a black cat:
• they match every outfit
• very cute and stylish
• they are hide and seek champions
• it’s like owning a mini panther

cons of having a black cat:
• hard to find in the dark
• sometimes difficult to get a good picture

Visual Studio is slowly killing me.

Get it together Spotify. Why did you split up Brand New into two different artists?

There aren’t chefs who specialise in how a plate looks and other who only care about how food tastes. So why do we split designers into all these different categories?


The Last Shuttle, Dan Winters


VHS, Julien Knez


Inherent Vice, Steve Chorney

Bought a tree for the balcony. An olive tree.🌿