Month: April 2015

Oh hai moon 🌛

The view from the balcony.

Placebo – Too Many Friends – YouTube

I have to apply for my summer vacation pretty soon. Ugh. No idea what to do, and which weeks to take off. Probably just going to stay in Aarhus. Kinda feel like the best plan would be to just relax and recharge for the winter. Anyone want to come for a visit?

we might want to start thinking about the ways our concept of value will be disrupted. Will it be a privilege to have garments in which you aren’t monitored? And, if you no longer need a new coat for every season, will a garment’s worth be driven more by functionality and less by cyclical fashion trends? Will the luxury of the near future be more about privacy and performance?

I think this projects now needs a name.

Found another one in Copenhagen last Friday night.

Blasen’s last night with its current owners. (at Cafe Blasen)

The aftermath of the silliest Danish tradition I know of. So, on your 25th birthday you get doused in cinnamon unless you are married. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend is not enough, the ring has to be on the finger, the papers signed, the in-laws payed off, you know, the usual. Anyway, your “friends” take you outside and throw cinnamon on you, sometimes even tying you to a pole. Barbaric. Oh and if at 30 you’re still single they switch it out with pepper.

You’ll be ok.