Month: January 2015

Preparing drink cards and food labels for tonight’s feast of Þorri.

Why are you leaving me? What’s wrong with me?

It’s not you. It’s me.

I’m just not so crazy about domestic violence.


From Hugleikur’s series of comics based on songs.


I just don’t know anymore

In case you forgot your towel



also i may or may not have dismembered him with it. there was lava, he was yelling, i cried. it was a bad few days.

Rofl oh my god


A whirlpool interchange connects three major roads by the Miracle Garden in Dubai, UAE. When construction of this junction began in 2006, Dubai contained 30,000 industrial cranes – 25% of all cranes on the planet.

Whirlpool exchange
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
25.055363303°, 55.248780015°

I’m loving this.


(via Krautwald)