Month: October 2014

So good.

(via Shaq carrying Bill Gates like a baby)

Throughout the country, the yuppy horde leaves ghost towns full of abandoned coffee shops, organic grocers, and bike shops, like a boom/bust gentrification process.

Video of the eruption at Bárðarbunga taken using  Phantom 2 drone.

During a second flight, he attempted to get even closer to the eruption, but it was out of range. When the drone would go out of range, its failsafe would trigger, bringing it back to the launch point. Cheng needed to be closer to get the shot he wanted. According to Cheng, “One of the policemen came over to us and said, ‘We checked the rules, and vehicles can’t drive closer. However, you could theoretically walk closer. I have to inform you that we officially do not recommend this, because it’s dangerous.’”

Pretty cool. They actually flew so close that the GoPro camera they were using melted.

/via Wired

The tree in our garden decided to go all autumn on us right away.