Testing out the new work stand I got as a birthday gift from my girlfriend yesterday by giving my bike a well deserved wash.

About to watch the Danish championship in Scratch and Points racing at the Aarhus Velodrome 🚴🏼‍♀️🚴🏻🚴🏻‍♂️

Towards Ravnholt forest.

Loving the new Hot Chip remix of Daði Freyr’s Think About Things. Listen on Apple Music and Spotify.

Everything has turned green the past few weeks and it is so nice.

Waiting in line for coffee. “You are number 3 in line …and delicious.”

145 km yesterday. 106 km so far today with 70 km to go. Then 65 km tomorrow. Good trip, good trip.

The company office opened up again on Monday and I’ve been biking to work. Biked past Moesgaard Museum on the way home.

Planning to bike around Jutland this weekend plus Monday and I really do hope my new rain jacket arrives this week before I leave on Saturday.

20 year old me in September 2005. The picture was taken in the morning so either waiting for the teacher or if it was photography class then class had already started. I was studying visual arts at the time and things where pretty chill.

Went out for a ride today and passed the 100 km barrier for the first time. So much headwind on the back home though. 10/10 would do again.

We washed the car and my bikes today. The weather was perfect for it 👌

Fixed all the posts using the [gallery] shortcode on my WP site last nigth, set up a site here and imported my blog posts into it. Now I only need to move the domain over and then it’s done.

Moving to Micro.blog

Gonna move this blog over to Micro.blog from Wordpress. Just went through the archives and deleted a bunch of old reblogs from Tumblr. Need to go over all the photo posts from August 2016 and older and convert them manually into just regular images, no gallery magic, since the Micro.blog Wordpress Importer doesn’t handle the [gallery] shortcode. Since most of the posts are image post it’s only about 258 posts I need to convert.…

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Saw some cats in Sofia.

Christmas vacation 🎄 Quick stop in Hamburg for some glühwein 🥴 and then onwards to Sofia ☃️

In about 7 weeks I’ll be picking up this bad boy (of a hearing aid). The marketing department came up with a great name for it as well.

All I Want For Christmas is America

www.youtube.com/watch This is great 🎄 (Via Kottke)…

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Just signed up for the 160km distance of the DGI Hærvejsløbet cycling race next summer.

First MTB race

Did my first MTB race on Sunday. The Carl Ras MTB Challenge. I did the 25km route. It was super nice and I’m very happy with my time of 1:35. Definitely doing more mountain bike races from now on. It was super foggy and chilly in the morning but thankfully it let up as the race started and we got very beautiful and warm autumn weather. Unfortunately I dressed for the cold foggy weather so I was a sweaty mess at the goal line.…

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Today started out sunny and warm and is ending now with thunderstorms that, having not been on the weather report, I’m not prepared for at all. I went to work wearing shorts and t-shirt. Oh well, it’s fine, it’s only water after all. Work was good, we made good progress on the Thing I’m working on. Questions were answered and user-interfaces were built.

Took the long ride home from work today. It was super nice, had never cycled in that area before. Met some Icelandic horses too.

We took a walk today and passed upon Leftside. Leftside is this awesome part of Northside Festival where everything is free and people (though mostly the sponsors) bring beer, wine and snacks to share with everyone else. You also need to cross the river to enter.

Thanks for the past 5 and half or so years, Valtech. It’s been a pleasure.

Arrived at Billund for our flight to Stockholm. Gonna be a nice weekend to visit that city again.